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Great content builds strong, engaged audiences. In an age where audience attention is increasingly fragmented, offering the best content to our readers, regardless of whether they choose to read it in print, online, on their tablets or smartphones, is the core of what we do at Fairfax Media.

Our audiences rely on us to have the best, fastest content - from breaking news to in-depth investigations to hot video content. Our readers take our content and make it their own, talking about it with friends and family, sharing via social media and commenting on stories online.

This engagement with our audience helps us build a direct connection with our audience. That is of huge value to advertisers as they strive to forge connections with their customers in a crowded market.

The Fairfax Media Network team will work in partnership with your brand or client to determine the best approach, developing integrated communications solutions across our portfolio; from our mass national coverage and footprint, to niche and/or regional audiences.

Work with our team to make your brand part of that environment by advertising with Fairfax Media. Call our Network team on 09 970 4000 or 04 474 0487 to find out how.

Fairfax Media Research

Fairfax Media has access to the latest media insights from around New Zealand and around the world.

The Network Research Team provides the latest media insights across the entire Fairfax Media portfolio.

Fairfax Media Reader Panels

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  • mydompost
  • mysundayview
  • presspass

Fairfax has developed a 'reader community' to gain both consumer insight and a closer relation with our readers allowing us to ask a range of questions (from content, to connection/need fulfilment, to advertising, to brand positioning and purchase drivers, to new product initiatives) on a regular basis, providing quick turnaround and actionable insights.

We have used these insights to not only increase the level of engagement and depth of partnership between our papers and our readers, but also to gain media insights and knowledge for our advertisers.

Using the Fairfax Reader Panels has helped diverse clients from Mitre 10 to L'Oreal to the Wellington City Council better understand their customers/stakeholders.

This research programme won 2 Platinum awards in the 2008 MRSNZ awards.  Best in Advertising & Media, as well as the overall Innovation Award.

To find out how to learn more about our audiences using the reader panel please contact your Fairfax Account Manager.

Fairfax Media Research Case Studies

The latest learnings and developments from the Fairfax Media Network Research Team.

Case Study 1
Mitre 10 Newspaper Advertising Effectiveness

Mitre 10 case study

Overall aim: To assist Mitre 10 to improve the effectiveness of its newpaper advertising.

370 respondents from the Dominion Post panel.

The study provided some key insights around home improvement newspaper advertising.  Also provided some great feedback from Mitre 10 on the effectiveness of their current campaign.

Found that home improvement/DIY newspaper advertising is highly effective. As a result of seeing a home improvement ad 75% of readers visited a store and 74% purchased a product. 

Mitre 10 case study graph

Case Study 2:
Neutrogena Sunday Star-Times Weather Sponsorship

Neutrogena Sunday Star-Times Weather Sponsorship case study

Neutrogena campaign ran for 4 weeks in the Sunday Star Times and the reader survey was completed by 382 respondents.

Readers were prompted with a picture of a recent weather section and of those who had looked at the section were asked if they could recall seeing the Neutrogena advertising. The study also asked readers about their suncreen buying habits.

78% of survey respondents had on occasion looked at the Weather info section in recent weeks.

For those who had looked at the weather pages 14% could recall seeing the Neutrogena advert and of these people 44% were able to identify the Neutrogena message.

For people that recalled seeing the ad there was an uplift in sales. Only 5% of people usually buy Neutrogena but this increased to 10% when asked if they bought neutrogena this summer- a great result for the client. This result was further improved when just looking at women, with 13% buying Neutrogena.

Neutrogena Sunday Star-Times Weather Sponsorship graph

Wraps and Ad-tachment re-position McDonalds as a healthy food choice.

McDonalds case study

At the beginning of March 2010 McDonalds launched an advertising campaign promoting Weight Watchers' endorsement of a selection of McDonald's meals, including re-iterating the recent focus it has had on making food healthier.

The March 7th editions of Sunday Star-Times & Sunday News both featured an Ad-tachment on the cover, and a DPS wrap surrounding the Sports section.

The survey was open from Monday 8th to Thursday 11th of March.

A total of 521 panelists read the 7th March edition of either the Sunday Star-Times or the Sunday News, and took part in the survey.

McDonalds flyer

McDonalds graphFrom a prompted question, 80% plus of readers recalled the McDonalds Weight Watchers campaign with approximately 40% of readers having only seen the in-paper advertisements.

The campaign had significantly stronger appeal amongst females compared with males, and monthly plus McDonalds consumers. Over half of females McDonald's consumers say they are likely to include (if not already buying)

the healthy options in their McDonalds purchasing repertoire.

Respondent Verbatims

On Weight Watchers association:"The WW and McD's have paired up, and that there are now options for eating at McDonalds for people like me trying not to get too fat"

On Healthier options: "That there are healthy choices at McDonalds"

On Low Fat/Non-Fattening/Good for Diets: "McDonalds have fat free options - I think its simply a brilliant idea!!"

Fairfax Media Creative Showcase

Gain inspiration in Newspaper, Magazine and Online creative ranging from Creative Shapes and Advertorials to Full Wraps and Full Page Takeovers. Whatever your creative objectives and challenges, Fairfax Network Media Consultants will help you find executions and solutions.

Integrated Advertising Solutions

Streets Magnum - Magnum Moments (2009)

Presented with a traditional magazine brief, Fairfax Network assessed the objectives and established a comprehensive integrated campaign utilising a newspaper brand.

Magnum Moments Integrated

Fairfax matched the premium indugent core message of Magnum, to the luxury 'kick back and indulge' experience of Sunday Star-Times. Brand experiential activation through the use of Sunday Star-Times' Rialto Movie sponsorship. Opening night events created sampling opportunities in a channel not previously available to Magnum.


A critical element of this was translating the indulgent experiential marketing into an editorially integrated campaign in the Sunday Star-Times (About Town/TV Listings page) targeting its female readership.


As a result, through challenging a traditional brief, extending the concepts and ultimately connecting with consumers, Fairfax delivered double digit sales growth - a fantastic indulgent result!

For more details contact your Fairfax Network Media Consultant.

Print Advertising Solutions

Newspapers Solutions Magazines Solutions
Newspapers Creative Examples
Full Wraps

Full wraps feature a full wrap of the entire paper or a particular section including both the front and back covers and the inside and outside back covers. Inside the wrap is the actual front page and section.

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Lite Paper

A takeover of the paper in a reduced tabloid size. Features all the regular stories from the day, but combined with solus advertising from the advertiser.

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Creative Shapes

A series of unique shapes including U's, W's and L's surrounding editorial on the page. Shapes provide advertisers an outside the square creative solution for newspapers. Shapes give instant cut-through among other advertiser.


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Full page execution featuring underlying ink to display an altered image when held up against a light. Opportunity for branding imagery.

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A placement which sits under editorial as a "Watermark". Suited to listings such as TV listings, Stock listings etc.

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Pull Out Ad

The Pull Out execution features 3 full page placements. Two consecutively with a third later in the book.

  1. The first placements together feature only two thirds of the image.
  2. The reader pulls out the second placement (and remaining pages)
  3. A final reveal of the third page completes the whole full image.

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Magazines Creative Examples
Cover Wrap

Cover wraps give advertisers the opportunity to be front of mind with readers as they open the magazine- a great branding opportunity. Wrap sizes include third, half and full wraps.

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Advertorials are designed in the style and manner of the magazine they feature in, a strong environment for brand placements.


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Editorial Integration

Editorial integration features the advertiser integrated directly into the page- a strong environment for branding.


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Reverse Booklet

Reverse booklets allow the advertiser to take over the rear half of the magazine. Reverse Booklets are great for branding or extended advertorial.

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Bellybands allow the advertiser to wrap a section of the magazine. The bellyband can feature the branding message, samples, offers or coupons.

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Sponsorship positions allow the advertiser to sponsor the particular section of a magzine with a related advertising position.

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