Sunday News

Sunday News

Sunday News has a wrap-up of the news and sporting action from around New Zealand. With expert sports analysis in a high-quality liftout, and entertainment and lifestyle tips for the whole family in ME, Sunday News is the perfect split. Plus there's the Buzz, featuring entertainment news and great giveaways.

Newspaper Details

Sunday News is a tabloid newspaper. On a typical weekend 290,000 New Zealanders relax with the Sunday News.

Sunday News delivers punchy news and comprehensive coverage of weekend sport. The newspaper has a distinct magazine section with entertainment and lifestyle topics.
The newspaper continues to break stories and deliver news that is most meaningful to its reader communities. The newspaper often gives readers a different perspective on leading news events and current affairs (often the source for radio talkback weeklong).
The vibrant sports section carries action from around the country and around the world. Sunday News has established a reputation for superb weekend sport and racing coverage.

The popular tabloid also features weekly motoring, puzzles, television, and employment opportunities.


Newspaper Feature Available Days
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
News             Yes
Sport             Yes
Me             Yes
The Buzz             Yes

Standard Sizes

Run Of Paper
12cm deep x 7 column (26.2cm) wide
37cm deep x 7 column (26.2cm) wide

Premium Positions

Advertisers are able to purchase, subject to availability, premium and unique positions.

Size, availability and price are subject to request and availability.


For more information about Sunday News and booking enquiries, contact:

Agency Auckland
Fairfax Media Network
2 Hereford Street
Freemans Bay
Auckland 1010, New Zealand
PO Box 90741
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142
Ph: +64 9 970 4000
Fax +64 9 970 4059

Agency Wellington
Fairfax Media Network
Level 1, 40 Boulcott Street
PO Box 3740
Wellington, New Zealand
Ph: +64 04 474 0479
Fax: +64 4 474 0389

Sunday News
2 Hereford Street
Freemans Bay
Auckland 1010, New Zealand
PO Box 1327
Ph: +64 9 925 9700
Fax: +64 9 925 9752


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