Mid Canterbury Herald

Mid Canterbury Herald

The Mid Canterbury Herald is based in Ashburton covering the area from the Rakaia River in the north and the Rangitata river in the south. Reaching into 13,131 homes every Wednesday gives advertisers the opportunity to get their message into every home. Totally local, totally community with some good quality advertising features and editorial content.

Newspaper Details

Although Locally focused in the Mid Canterbury district advertisers also have the opportunity to buy into the Waitaki and South Canterbury Herald’s to expand their advertising message.

Combining the three community papers allows the paper to reach into every home in the central South Island, including towns, villages, and rural areas. This makes it the largest circulating community newspaper, effectively reaching 85% of people within it’s circulation area over a week.

The weekly content includes local news, Welcome to the world, ‘What’s on’ or ‘Community Notices’, Motoring, Job opportunities, Farming (Central South Island Farmer), Weddings, Just started School, Puzzles, and Tabloids.

Newspaper Display Advertising
Display advertising is located throughout the publication and utilises size, colour, illustration and typography to attract the reader's attention. Display advertising is primarily found in the editorial sections but can also be placed within classified sections if deemed appropriate and relevant.

You can request a preferred position within the newspaper for a fee or choose "run of paper" whereby the advertisement is placed in any position in the paper at our discretion. Opting for run of paper generally results in a reduced charge to an advertiser.

Classified Advertising
Classifieds are advertising only pages across a number of different categories e.g for sale, trade services or situations vacant.

Standard sizes

Run of Paper adverts can be a minimum of 4cm deep to 7cols (26.2cm) wide, up to a maximum of 27cmx7cols and then to 37x7cols.

Classified adverts run from 2cm deep to 8columns (27cm) wide, up to a maximum of 27cmx8cols and then to 37cmx8cols.

Run of Paper

The Herald Community publishes as one main book. The Central South Island Rural delivery area includes 'The Central South Island Farmer' paper inserted.

Premium Positions

Advertisers are able to purchase, subject to availability, front page solus, premium and unique positions. Size, availability and price are subject to request and availability. Front page solus 6cm x 7col on availability.

The booking deadline for all Wednesday community publications, display each week is 11am Thursday prior to publication. Classified non-display deadlines are 1pm the Monday prior.

Bookings can be made through The Timaru Herald, thads@timaruherald.co.nz or by calling your account executive.

Classified non-display bookings can be placed through your account executive, adstuff.co.nz or thclass@timaruherald.co.nz

For more information about The Mid Canterbury Herald, Timaru Herald and booking enquiries please contact:

level 2
161 Burnett Street
Ashburton 7700, New Zealand
Ph: +64 03 307 5850
Fax: +64 03 308 0237
52 Bank Street
PO Box 46,
Timaru, New Zealand
Ph: +64 03 684 4129
Fax: +64 03 688 1042

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