Otago Southland Farmer

Otago Southland Farmer

Dedicated to delivering farming and rural news to those living in rural areas the Otago Southland Farmer is the paper to advertise in if you're trying to capture those linked to the agricultural sector.

Its distribution to all rural households throughout Otago and Southland enables advertisers to directly reach their target market with minimal effort and cost.

Newspaper Details

With an average issue readership of 33,000 the Otago Southland Farmer targets farm owners and managers who need to keep up to date with all farming news, developments and gain access to suppliers of agricultural products as well as the latest information on new product launches and sales promotions.

An average reader is highly likely to own or manage a farm and to be aged 40 years and over and extremely focused on their business and work.

 The Otago Southland Farmer was launched in 1982 and was an amalgamation of the Otago Farmer (1973-1982) and the Southland Farmer (1975-1982).

The paper is distributed by NZ Post Rural Delivery service to all households across rural Otago and Southland.

 The prospering agricultural economy means that advertisers wanting to reach and target this specialised market NEED to advertise in the Otago Southland Farmer.

Newspaper Display Advertising

Display advertising is located throughout the publication and utilises size, colour, illustration and typography to attract the reader's attention. Display advertising is primarily found in the editorial sections but can also be placed within classified sections if deemed appropriate and relevant.

You can request a preferred position within the newspaper for a fee or choose "run of paper" whereby the advertisement is placed in any position in the paper at our discretion. Opting for run of paper generally results in a reduced charge to an advertiser.

Classified Advertising

Classifieds are advertising only pages across a number of different categories e.g for sale, trade services or situations vacant.

ROP from minimum of 3 cm deep to 7 cols (26.6 cm) wide, up to a maximum of 37 cm deep.

Classified display from minimum of 3 cm deep to 8 cols (26.6cm) wide, up to maximum of 37 cm deep.

Premium Positions

Advertisers are able to purchase, subject to availability, front page solus and guaranteed positions within the Otago Southland Farmer. Size, availability and price are subject to request and availability. Premium position loadings can be found on the rate card.


The Otago Southland Farmer provides a vast range of combination packages with discounted rates for repeat advertisements. Contact Juliet Selbie on +64 27 211 2384 for further information.



Otago Southland Times
PO Box 805
67 Esk Street
Ph: +64 3 211 1130

Classified non-display bookings can be placed through your marketing consultant or direct to classified@stl.co.nz

All display bookings can be placed through your sales executive or direct to juliet.selbie@stl.co.nz Fax: +64 3 218 9239

Regional Manager:

Richard Potter
Ph: +64 3 209 0108
Email: richard.potter@stl.co.nz


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