The Leader Group

The Leader Group

We have three community papers in the Leader Group covering the whole of our beautiful Nelson/Tasman region: The Nelson Leader, The Richmond/Waimea Leader and The Motueka Golden Bay News. Overall we have a total weekly readership of 60,000, that's 81 per cent of all people over the age of 15 reading our papers.

Newspaper Details

With 81 per cent of our region's inhabitants reading our papers you cannot afford to overlook The Leader Group's reach.

We have six journalists spread across the region collecting the news our community likes to read; making sure that local faces are constantly in the editorial mix.

There are several very popular special advertising features that run monthly including 'Your Home', 'Total Health and Beauty', 'Landscaping and Gardening' and many more.

Newspaper Display Advertising
Display advertising is located throughout the publication and utilises size, colour, illustration and typography to attract the reader's attention. Display advertising is primarily found in the editorial sections but can also be placed within classified sections if deemed appropriate and relevant.

You can request a preferred position within the newspaper for a fee or choose "run of paper" whereby the advertisement is placed in any position in the paper at our discretion. Opting for run of paper generally results in a reduced charge to an advertiser.

Classified Advertising
Classifieds are advertising only pages across a number of different categories e.g for sale, trade services or situations vacant.

Run of Paper Acceptable sizes in multiples of 1cm. Minimum depth 4cm, up to 30cm then 36.5cm, 1-5 columns then 7 columns.

Classified Minimum 3 lines for liners, display 2cm to 30cm deep then 36.5cm, 1- 6 columns wide then 8 columns. Classified from 2cm deep to 11columns (37.70) wide, up to 44cm x 11cols and then to 54cm x 11cols.

The Leader Group prefers, where practical, PDF format for complete advertisements and TIF or JPEG format for pieces of artwork.

All typefaces must be outlined i.e. converted to paths, or fonts embedded.

All colour advertisements must be CMYK.

You can upload your complete artwork directly or alternatively email it to:

Any questions regarding acceptable file formats or applications can be put forward to: Stuart Hague on +64 3 546 2756

Download The Leader Group rate card

Premium Positions

Advertisers are able to purchase, subject to availability, front page, page 3, 5, 7 and 9 as the highest profile positions. Size, availability and price are subject to request. 

Client features

All three of our papers offer the oppotunity for client features in which a page or more can be paid for by supporting advertisers. Phone us for more information.


Each of our papers has the capacity to carry a maximum of 2 inserts each week. Cost is $60+GST per thousand. Please phone for up to date print numbers but you can use our distribution numbers as a guide.


There are several very popular special advertising features that run monthly including 'Your Home', 'Total Health and Beauty', 'Landscaping and Gardening', 'Baby page', 'It's Your Future' and 'Winter Warmers'. We also have other features that run at differing frequencies such as 'Rockin' into Retirement' 'Rural Matters' and many more. Many of these features include free editorial depending on the advertisment size.


1. Advertorials must be entirely contained within a ruled border of a thickness no less than 5pt.
2. The text may be set in ordinary news type.
3. The word ADVERTISEMENT must be set in 12pt capitals and in bold, and must be placed inside the border at the top left-hand corner of the advertisement or centred at the top of the advertisement.

Please refer to the rate card for more information on client features, inserts, special positions and terms and conditions.

Download The Leader Group rate card

Firstly choose which papers you are wanting to appear in and you will see in the column below (on the rate card) the rates per column/cm depending on your budgeted total spend over a 12 month period. To calculate your advertising/schedule cost, take the advertisement size and multiply with the colour-inclusive column/cm rate which pertains to you. This will give you the total rate.

If you require a guaranteed position simply add 40%.

The total is the advertisement cost amount exclusive of GST.

The booking deadline and copy deadline for display advertisements is 4pm the Friday prior to publication with the exception of public holiday weeks.

The deadline for camera ready artwork is Tuesday 10am prior to publication.

Classified non-display bookings can be placed through our classified team on 0800 800 515 with a deadline of Tuesday 12 noon prior to publication.

Direct Sales
Simone Cook
Advertising Sales Manager
DDI: +64 3 546 2835
Fax: +64 3 546 2705
Mob: +64 274 729 958

National Sales
New Zealand Community Network
Sales Manager:  Michele Chapman
Building 14, Central Park
666 Great South Road, Penrose
Private Bag 92815, Penrose
Auckland 1642, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 525 0666
Fax: +64 9 526 0079

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