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The Nelson Mail

Every day the Nelson Mail provides coverage of a range of local, national and international news, business and sports, as well as daily features like food and fashion, the arts, entertainment, home and garden, employment, motoring and real estate.

The Nelson Mail has on average 38,000 daily readers. That's 51 per cent of the region seeing your product, company or service on any given day.

Newspaper Details

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"I find the ads quite useful, especially for knowing what is on sale and finding new things. I like the ads as much as the news stories and read the classifieds even if I'm not looking for a specific item."

Quote from: "The Newspaper Experience Study" Readership Institute

The Nelson Mail provides the most comprehensive news coverage in the region with a circulation area covering Collingwood to Murchison to Rai Valley and everywhere in between.

For the top-of-the-south - it is where you need to be. The Nelson Mail reaches over half the population: 51 per cent of people in its circulation area every day of the week. Sixty per cent or 44,000 potential customers will read at least one copy of the Nelson Mail every week; omitting the Nelson Mail from a newspaper schedule means you could overlook 38,000 potential customers every day.

The Nelson/Tasman region is an affluent area with 49 per cent of Nelson Mail readers in the top three socio-economic divisions - 13 per cent ahead of the the Nelson population. Eighty eight per cent of Nelson Mail readers are also homeowners.

Every day the Nelson Mail provides coverage of a range of local, national and international news, business and sports, as well as daily features like food and fashion, the arts, entertainment, home and garden, employment, motoring and real estate. All of these provide Nelson Mail advertisers with a sound platform to reach the region and their target markets.

The Nelson Mail for advertising that works.

Source: Nielsen Regional Readership Survey Q3 09-Q2 10, Nelson 15+

Newspaper Feature Available Days
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
News Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Property Weekly         Yes    
World Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Sport Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Weather Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Entertainment classifieds Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Television Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Weather Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Opinion Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Business Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Local Sport Yes            
Wellbeing   Yes          
Primary Focus   Yes          
College Sports     Yes        
Arts     Yes        
Job Market     Yes     Yes  
Entertainment Feature Page       Yes   Yes  
Motoring       Yes      
Lifestyle         Yes    
Home & Garden         Yes    
Weekend           Yes  
Travel           Yes  
Books           Yes  

Download The Nelson Mail advertising ratecard

ROP Advertising 4cm to 46cm deep then 54cm, 1 column to 8 columns wide then 10 columns.

Maximum total advertising of 158 column centimetres on Page 3.

Maximum height of 20cm on front and back of Section 'B', Monday to Friday (excludes Tuesday).

Tuesday, page 1 and 2 of section 'B', 10 cm high adverts only.

Saturday, front of section 'B' minimum 10 cm x 10 col to maximum 14cm x 10 col.

Classified Advertising Minimum 3 lines for liners, display 2 cm to 46 cm deep then 54 cm, 1- 9 columns wide then 11 columns.

Download The Nelson Mail advertising ratecard

The Nelson Mail publishes two sections Monday through to Friday. Section A: News, World, Business.  Section B: Sport and editorial features that vary according to the day.

On Saturdays the Nelson Mail publishes three sections. Section A: News, World, Business, Sport.  Section B: Weekend, Travel, Opinion,  Entertainment.  Section C: Classifieds.

The Property Weekly tabloid is carried every Friday (except for 24 & 31 Dec 2010)

Various special feature tabloids publish throughout the year.  The regulars are;

Fashion Focus - April & Sept
Holiday Guide - Every week for six weeks over Dec, Jan
Your Day (weddings) - Oct
Return to Education - Jan
Back to School - Jan
Conferences & Events - Feb
Best Years (50+ lifestyle) - Feb
Accent on Living - Oct
Sustainability - Nov
Christmas Catalogue - Dec
House of the Year - July

Premium Positions

Advertisers are able to purchase, subject to availability, front page, solus, premium and unique positions. Size, availability and price are subject to request and availability.


1. Advertorials must be entirely contained within a ruled border of a thickness no less than 5pt.
2. The text may be set in ordinary news type.
3. The word ADVERTISEMENT must be set in 12pt capitals and in bold, and must be placed inside the border at the top left-hand corner of the advertisement or centred at the top of the advertisement.

Please refer to the July 2010 ratecard for more information on advertisements, inserts, special positions and terms and conditions.


Monday: 4pm Thursday
Tuesday: 4pm Friday
Wednesday: 4pm Monday
Thursday: 4pm Tuesday
Friday: 4pm Wednesday
Property Weekly (Friday): 2pm Monday
Saturday: 4pm Thursday

Classified non-display deadlines are 5pm the working day prior.

Bookings can be placed through your account executive or


Mechanical Details (Broadsheet & Tabloid have the same column widths)

Column Widths (mm)  ROP   Classifieds

1 column                           34        32

2 column                           72        66

3 column                          110      100

4 column                          148       134

5 column                          186       168

6 column                          224       202

7 column tabloid             262       236

8 column                          300       270

9 column                          338       304

10 column                        376       338

11 column (Classified only)       372

Electronic Advertising Material

The Nelson Mail prefers, where practical, PDF format for complete advertisements and TIF or JPEG format for pieces of artwork.

 All typefaces must be outlined i.e. converted to paths, or fonts embedded.

All colour advertisements must be CMYK.

You can upload your complete artwork directly onto the link provided or alternatively email it to:

Any questions regarding acceptable file formats or applications can be put forward to Stuart Hague on +64 3 546 2756.

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