The Southland Times

The Southland Times


With an abundance of spectacular scenery, natural resources and world-class facilities, there's a lot to like about Southland, and the daily newspaper; The Southland Times is no exception.

Named as the Regional Newspaper of the Year at the 2011 Canon Media Awards, The Southland Times prides itself on bringing readers the stories happening in their community.

With an average of 57,000 people in the Southland, Queenstown and Central Otago region turning to The Southland Times daily for their dose of news, features and advertising information, it's THE paper to be seen in.

Newspaper Details

With an average issue readership of 57,000 people aged 15+, The Southland Times is the right choice to advertise in if you are looking to target consumers in the lucrative Southland and Central Otago markets.

With two daily editions; the main Southland edition plus a Queenstown and Central Otago edition, The Southland Times has the ability to focus editorial content on each of these two unique regions.

The Southland Times has played a major role in the life and times of the region since its first edition was published in 1862. This allegiance to the region and the paper is seen through the paper's strong, loyal readership base; with 84% of readers being subscribers, receiving The Southland Times daily.

It's the leading newspaper for the Southland region and has reporters based in Invercargill, Gore, Queenstown and Alexandra.

The Southland Times' primary target markets are males and females aged 25-64 years who are professionals, business executives and farmers who are more affluent and likely to own their home as well as older, retired readers.

The Southland Times has a strong commitment to bringing the news of the region to its readers. Not only is news sectionalised into geographic areas and appears in its relevant editions, The Southland  Times itself contains regular weekly sections that inform, entertain and stimulate reader interest - ensuring the paper reaches a broad range of readers by delivering on their interests. This in turn is beneficial to both readers and advertisers alike allowing advertisers to target a specific audience.

Newspaper Feature Available Days
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Gardening     Yes        
World Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Entertainment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Sport Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
News Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Television Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Politics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Racing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Editorial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Opinion Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Weather Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Court Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
World (in depth)   Yes          
Farm   Yes          
Business Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes  
Technology       Yes      
Job Market     Yes     Yes  
Motoring           Yes  
Arts & Entertainment         Yes    
Property Market           Yes  
Unwind           Yes  
Inform           Yes  

ROP from minimum of 3 cm deep to 10 cols (37.5 cm) wide, up to a maximum of 54 cm deep.

Classified display from minimum of 3 cm deep to 11 cols (37.5cm) wide, up to maximum of 54 cm deep.

Premium Positions

Advertisers are able to purchase, subject to availability, front page solus and guaranteed positions within the Southland Times. Size, availability and price are subject to request and availability.


The Southland Times and its community newspapers provide a vast range of combination packages with discounted rates for repeat advertisements into our many publications. (see rate card for more detail.)

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